Sunday, February 16, 2014

Out and About Note Cards by Gabrielle

Out and About Note Cards 
by Gabrielle

Available at The Artists' Studio Galleries in Palos Verdes

The word seen, not spoken, nor written. These are the images
that Gabrielle captures with her camera for us to enjoy.

"It is mostly solo shots of that which entices my eye – doors, couples, signs, 
graffiti, reflected light, shapes and shadows. Images – a perfect alignment of 
angle, altitude, color, shadow, form.  A never-to-be-repeated instant."

Gabrielle prints her images  one or two to a page on matte card stock, using 
a printer that accurately represents the color and tonality seen through her lens. 

"I love the velvet look of the ink on paper – a quality very different 
from that printed commercially in large numbers."

Come see her wonderful note cards!

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